Quarantine Infographic

Good Afternoon Park 6 Parents & Guardians, 

The district finished the fourth week of the school year today. The Board of Trustees and I monitor the number of COVID positive cases and quarantined students daily.  For the past week on a daily basis, we have seen 20% of students wearing masks to school. Furthermore, those schools with the greatest number of students wearing masks have seen a stabilization or decline in their COVID numbers.    

Currently, we have 84 students district-wide in quarantine due to testing positive or being in close contact with a COVID positive individual; last week, this number was 109 students. The breakdown by each school is as follows CHS/HMA - 20, CMS - 31, Eastside - 12, Livingston - 10, and Sunset - 11; no cases have been reported at the rural schools. 

As a reminder, close contact exposure with a COVID-positive individual will result in one of the following depending on whether the student is wearing a mask or is fully vaccinated:

  • An unvaccinated student not wearing a mask will be required to quarantine; or

  • An unvaccinated student, who is properly wearing a mask that covers the mouth and nose, will not be required to quarantine as long as they remain asymptomatic and continue to wear a mask to school; or

  • A vaccinated student will be required to wear a mask for 14 days and may remain at school if they remain asymptomatic. (Per CDC Guidelines with proof of vaccination.)

If a student has had COVID within the last 90 days, please consult with your school nurse on quarantine guidance.

We continue to encourage students to wear face coverings to school. In addition, I am imploring our parents and guardians to continue diligence in keeping your children home if they are sick, this will go a long way in helping us mitigate the spread of this virus. Finally, our goal is to continue in-person instruction and ensure that our sports and activities may continue. Together as a community, we can make this happen. 

Have a great weekend, 

Tim Foley, Interim Superintendent