We require all students enrolled in our schools to be immunized in accordance with state law. 


For students who do not live in the Park County School District #6 Boundaries, we need the following application to be filled out every year for approval by the Park County School District #6 School Board.


At the start of every school year Park County School District #6 needs a data update from parents/guardians about the students who will be returning to Park #6 schools. We have a completely online registration process to get this data update. This process will replace the bulky paperwork parents/guardians fill out on students every year. It is important for the schools to have up to date information on students so that we can meet their needs and contact parents/guardians throughout the year. We are asking all parents/guardians of returning students (these are students who attended school in Park #6 at the end of the school year last year) to complete this returning student registration by August 20, 2021. 

We highly recommend that this registration process is completed on a computer and not on a tablet or mobile device.


1. Go to

2. If you created a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account in the past: your account is still active and you can login using your username and password. **Please note, this will not work from a student account. You will know you are accessing this from a student account if your login is similar to the Access ID and Password given to you and if the following "Returning Student Registration" button is missing from the page as discussed in #5.

3. If you have not created a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account in the past, click on the tab to "Create Account" and fill in the information requested to create your account and then fill out the information to "Link" your student(s) to you. In order to link you student(s) you will need an Access ID and Access Password that were sent to parents/guardians via a letter. Please note: this Access ID and Password are not your username and password that you use to login, but are Access codes to allow you to access your child(ren).

4. Once you are logged into the PowerSchool Parent Portal, you should see the tab or tabs for your children along the top of the screen. If you previously had an account, and you are missing a child at the top of your screen, you can go to "Account Preferences" on the left hand side of the page. When you click "Account Preferences" it will open a page that has a "Students" tab toward the top of the page. If you click on the "Students" tab, you will see a small "Add" button on the right side of the page. Click this. It will allow you to enter the name and Access ID and Password for additional students so that you can add them to your account.

5. To register/fill out paperwork on your child(ren), select the first child to register by selecting their tab on the top of the PowerSchool Parent Portal Page. Once you select them, you should see a whole list of options to view on the left hand side of the page. The very last option should be "Returning Student Registration". Click this to being the registration for this child. 

6. Once the registration page opens, it will ask you to verify the child's birthdate and then you should be able to work through the registration forms.

7. The registration is not complete for this child until you have clicked "Submit" and received a confirmation page that the registration was submitted.

8. If you have multiple students you need to register, please close the registration page and return to the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Once in the PowerSchool Parent Portal, you can click the tab for your next student on the top of the page. This should bring up this students information and options on the left hand side of the page to view for this child. Again, click on the very last option "Returning Student Registration" to complete the registration for this child. Do this process for as many children as you need to register