Park County School District 6 uses a variety of assessments at all grade levels to gauge student proficiency on the district curriculum and to evaluate student progress toward college and career readiness. Student performance on these assessments appears on their progress reports and report cards.


District Standards Based Assessments are formative and summative assessments created at the district level based on state standards. These assess the Essential Outcomes that students must master in order to be successful in the next unit, course, or grade level.

Essential Outcomes

Essential Outcomes include prioritized learning outcomes deemed absolutely essential for all students to know and perform. We measure the outcomes using formative and summative assessments.

Essential Outcomes have endurance, leverage, and provide readiness for the next level. Endurance is expecting the student to retain the knowledge and skills over time. Leverage means proficiency on this Essential Outcome will help the student in other core areas and academic disciplines. Readiness means that the knowledge and skills are essential for success in the next unit, course, or grade level.


Because information from assessments may be used to guide an individual student’s instruction at school, to support school improvement, and/or to assist with college/career identification and preparation, it is important for students to perform to the very best of their ability. Here are some things parents can do to help students perform their best:

  • Let your child know that the test is important.

  • Avoid pressuring; let them know that his or her best is good enough.

  • Make sure that your child gets plenty of sleep the night before the test.

  • Give your child healthy, nourishing meals, especially on the day of the test.

  • Avoid heavy foods that may make your child feel groggy or sugary foods that may make him/her feel unfocused.

  • Be sure your child gets to school on time.

  • Visit with your child about the test at the end of the day.

  • Do something calming and fun with your child.

  • Regardless of the results, always praise your child for his/her efforts.