What is COVE

Cody Virtual Education is an alternative opportunity to the brick and mortar education we have known for so long. Our community is diverse in so many ways. Cody Virtual Education provides a venue for our students’ education to be the same. COVE students are still CHS students, but they complete their coursework online.

COVE offers:

  • Flexible learning time

  • Weekly one-on-one time with a PCSD 6 teacher 

  • A variety of online class offerings

  • Accelerated pacing 

  • Face to face labs when needed

  • Blended learning with CHS and CMS

  • Credit Recovery opportunities

Not all students are good candidates for online learning. It is very different and sometimes harder than in person instruction.

Characteristics of Students Who Do Well With Online Learning:

  • Log in daily to their classes.

  • Have good time management skills

  • Plan to ensure enough time to study and complete assignments

  • Commit 4 – 6 hours of working time per week per class

  • Make progress each day on each course

  • Persists through challenges

  • Take notes as they study

  • Have basic computer skills

  • Read and write well.

  • Have excellent communication skills

  • Seek help when needed.  Online learning students need to be assertive in order to make their needs known.

  • Have solid research skills, including how to effectively use the Internet.

  • Have the ability to work well cooperatively, even when your communication is restricted to email or online

  • Are active learners who are willing to take responsibility for their own learning

  • Are able to learn easily from reading and writing online.  If you learn best by hearing the instructor, you may want to consider an on-campus class.

Characteristics of Students Who Do Not Do Well With Online Learning:

Fail to invest the time necessary to succeed

•. Do not effectively manage their time.

•. Skip required material and assignments

• Do not have a good location for online learning (your bedroom is NOT a good spot)

• Lose motivation when things get harder.

• Are not "doing the work" in the current classroom

Good Reasons to Consider COVE

  • Scheduling Flexibility- Online learning allows for a flexible schedule when it comes to work., travel, etc.

  • Accelerated Pace- motivated students have the opportunity to advance more quickly and explore other classes that might interest them.

  • Geographic Flexibility- Many have the opportunity to attend camps, internships, or have extended travel with their families. Online learning makes keeping up with your education much easier.

Not Good Reasons for considering COVE

  • I don’t like school- ONLINE SCHOOL IS STILL SCHOOL. There are deadlines, assignments, attendance requirements,

  • Having anxiety/friend issues/or anger issues- Anxiety/friend issues/anger issues are real issues. Treat them, don’t avoid school.

  • I don’t like my teachers- Guess what? You will still be interacting with teachers who will have expectations of you.

  • Getting in trouble at school- Take responsibility for your actions. Change your behavior. Make amends and move on. Running from your problems will not solve them.