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Park County School District 6 and Cody Regional Health Spearhead New Pathways Flagship Programs

Cody, Wyo. (May 5, 2023) – With the aging population and increasing healthcare needs, there is a growing demand for healthcare professionals. Cody Regional Health and Park County Schools are working together to help ensure that they are providing students with the skills and training needed to meet this demand.

“Working with our local healthcare system can provide our students from elementary to high school with opportunities to explore potential career paths and gain hands-on experience in the healthcare field,” states Vernon Orndorff, Superintendent-Park County School District 6. “This can help our students make more informed decisions about their future career choices and give them a head start in the job market. This is part of Cody Public Schools, Cody Wyoming Park County 6 Career Pathways Flagship programs initiative, and it’s our goal is to create career pathways that provide graduates from PCSD 6 with high demand and high wage careers.”

Many employers in the healthcare industry struggle to find skilled workers to fill job openings. By working with local schools, healthcare systems can help bridge the skills gap and ensure that employers have access to the talent they need to succeed.

A strong healthcare industry can be a major driver of economic growth in a community. By working together to grow career pathways for students and help employers find talent, local schools and healthcare systems can help create a stronger, more vibrant local economy.

Nine local Cody Public School administrators and Cody Regional Health administration have begun meeting to strategize how they can work together to build integrated career pathways from elementary to high school.

Both administrations have toured each other’s campuses, to understand what can be offered on all campuses.

“ We would like to partner with our local schools to identify provide high-demand career pathways in the healthcare industry, such as nursing, medical assistants, medical coding, EMS, imaging , Laboratory, and many others. There is a growing need and demand in all healthcare professions across the country,” stated Doug McMillan, CEO at Cody Regional Health.

Both administrations look forward to working together to create successful career flagship programs, and they will make adjustments as needed.

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