Let's Talk Logo

Dear Park County School District 6 Parents and Families,

At Park County School District 6, we hold the health, safety, well-being, and academic achievement of our entire school community as our top priority. We firmly believe that every voice within our community matters, and we are dedicated to making communication with your child's school effortless.

Introducing “Let’s Talk,” an innovative online customer service platform designed with your convenience in mind. Let’s Talk offers you an accessible way to ask questions, request information, or share any concerns you may have.

This platform is available 24/7, accessible via your phone, computer, or tablet. It incorporates advanced staff-facing technologies to ensure that you consistently receive prompt and accurate responses every time. You can anticipate a response from us within 2 business days.

Whether you have inquiries about back-to-school plans or events, or you wish to express gratitude towards a teacher or staff member, Let’s Talk is your direct gateway to initiating these conversations. You can simply click on the Let’s Talk icon on our district website or go directly to our Let’s Talk landing page link, where you can select a topic to begin your conversation.

Now, more than ever, we emphasize the importance of collaboration and staying connected. Our commitment to providing you and your family with unwavering support remains a priority. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any thoughts or concerns you may have.

Thank you for entrusting us with the education and well-being of your children. Together, we can ensure a safe and enriching educational journey.

Vernon Orndorff,

Proud Superintendent – Park County School District 6