Transportation for Afterschool Program

Please see the flyer for transportation details for afterschool programs.  Also, here are a few frequently asked questions.

Why does my student have to ride 2 buses per day? Park County School District #6 operates multi-tiered routing, meaning that our routes service every Park 6 student in that area regardless of which school they attend. This means a transfer is necessary to ensure students get to their school.

My student participates in an afterschool program, does the district offer transportation for afterschool programs? Yes, we offer a late bus that drops at only approved drops for students participating in afterschool programs. Pickup times from each building are as follows: - Livingston: Pickup 12th St side at 4:25 pm - Eastside: Pickup 17th St side at 4:15 pm - Sunset: Pickup in the Bus Lane at 4:20 pm - CMS: Pickup at the Bus Lane at 4:40 pm

Why does my student ride the bus for so long? We are always reviewing and adjusting routes to ensure our ride times are as short as possible. There are several constraints that factor into our ability to shorten ride times - the biggest contribution is geographic location. Every route is run so that the furthest away students are picked up first and dropped off last.

My student says: "They need a student ID to ride the bus?" Student IDs are critical to the transportation department's ability to locate children that happen to get on the wrong bus or miss their stop. When a concern rises about a student - we are able to quickly locate which bus the student is on and communicate to that specific driver without affecting other routes. All of this data is managed by a secure database.

I'm a new Kindergartener parent - what are the expectations: Drivers are required to drop Kindergarten/1st-grade students off to adults or have older siblings present. Please have a plan in place for this.