Breakfast on Bighorn

That Other Project (TOP) is hosting Breakfast On Bighorn for the next 3 Thursdays starting tomorrow (Nov.3rd)!  Join us anytime between 7-9 am on the south side of the new crosswalk on Bighorn and Freedom St.  We'll have free breakfast burritos plus coffee and cocoa provided this week by Rawhide Coffee.

We have a few goals for this Breakfast On Bighorn events...first is to provide support in numbers for the crossing guard and kids crossing for school in the morning hours.  Second, we hope to increase crossing numbers on those days to impact the study currently going on - the more crossings, the better chance we have at actually getting something done on Bighorn to impact pedestrian safety in a productive way.  Third, we'll be there to answer questions about what's been going on with the study and how YOU can help!  We will have our own survey (separate from WYDOT's survey) so that we can start gathering real input directly from our community.  You can find that survey HERE.  In addition to TOP,  WYDOT will also be there - they've been serving crosswalk duty out there regularly, have seen the frontlines, so to speak, and are excited about this event.  

We are excited to have an opportunity to engage the community in a fun, social way - please share and invite everyone you know!  We look forward to hopefully seeing you out there tomorrow morning...dress warmly!!